Amy can order a variety of tests. Amy utilizes standard labs as well as more comprehensive testing. Amy has experience with and utilizes the following tests:  LabCorp, MRT Food Sensitivity testing, Vibrant Labs (leaky gut, wheat zoomer, and more), GI Map Comprehensive Stool Testing, DUTCH Hormone testing, Great Plains, Genova, Doctors Data. Every test consideration is done on a case-by-case basis, and there is no one test that Amy requires across the board on every client. Amy is sensitive to clients’ budgets and will only recommend testing that will guide/support the nutrition care plan.  Amy is also willing to work with your primary care provider to recommend and facilitate labs that he or she can order to optimize insurance coverage.

Any test Amy orders will not be submitted or eligible for insurance coverage. Additionally, you may be charged for the time Amy spends reviewing your test results & compiling a care plan. However, there are no surprises here, and Amy will be very clear about pricing to help you decide if you can afford the recommended testing before the testing is ordered.