Before your visit, you will be asked to complete a variety of forms that help Amy to know your history and current health situation. This will guide much of the conversation at the initial visit.  This visit will be all about developing a personalized plan for you.  So expect a lot of questions and have any supplement bottles nearby, as Amy is very hands-on with supplements and wants to make sure we have documented them correctly.

Amy operates from a Functional Medicine perspective, meaning that the goal is to get to the ROOT of your health issues. Even diet can be used as a bandaid. An example of this is someone who is on a very restrictive diet to manage symptoms.  While bandaids have a place, they are not meant to resolve the main problem. It’s important to clarify that there are exceptions, such as with certain food allergies or celiac disease, where foods are expected to be avoided lifelong. So you can expect your visit to have a long-term goal in mind while we work to address your most acute issues.

At the end of your visit, depending on your specific situation, you can expect to either do testing and/or intervene with a few supplements and/or diet changes. The process will always be tailored to your goals and your budget. There is no one-size-fits-all thinking here.